Books & Standards

Top 10 books to Eurocode 2

1) Guide to EC2

2) Commentary to EC2

3) Worked examples to EC2

4) How to design concrete structures using eurocode2

5) Manual Design of Concrete Building Structures to Eurocode 2


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Reinforced concrete in ACI Code

In the United States and throughout the world, the design and construction of building structures is regulated by building codes. The main purpose of a building code is to protect public health, safety, and welfare. Building code provisions are founded on principles that do not unnecessarily increase construction costs; do not restrict the use of new materials, products, or methods of construction; and do not give preferential treatment to particular types or classes of materials, products, or methods of construction.

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Reinforced concrete in Eurocode 2

In the European Union reinforced concrete calculated by Eurocode 2 - Design of concrete structure:

EN 1992-1-1 Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
EN 1992-1-2 Part 1-2: General rules. Structural fire design
EN 1992-2 Part 2: Concrete bridges. Design and detailing rules
EN 1992-3 Part 3: Liquid retaining and containment structures


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