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Self-Healing Concrete

Cracks and potholes can now repair themselves!

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How to mix concrete

Concrete - a material used to construct buildings. It is used for construct the foundation, walls and roofs. Even the erection of a wooden building is not without pouring the foundation. Small artificial objects such as paving slabs, garden vases, urns, baluster, and sometimes even countertops for kitchen tables, make concrete also. It is important to know how to perform calculations of concrete.

Modern technology make the concrete very high quality. This artificial material in terms of its strength is along with natural marble and granite. Although it is not as aesthetic as natural materials from it, unlike natural stones, not out background radiation, and beautiful appearance, grant using the newest processing technologies. During construction you can make concrete with their hands or buy construction materials to finished composition. Plants for the manufacture of concrete using different proportions of concrete for the foundation and its species - lightweight concrete, heavy and in some cases, especially heavy concrete. If you want to make concrete, you need to understand in what proportions to mix components.

In general, the composition of concrete is a mixture of cement and filler. So the main ingredients are:

  1. Cement;
  2. Sand;
  3. Filling (gravel, slag, pebbles, etc.). 

Modern technology involving the use of special additives to provide concrete some unique properties.

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