Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bar

FRP-Rebar (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bar) - is the polymeric armature strengthened by a continuous fiber. It consists of glass polymer material cores (gfrp-rebar) or basalt polymer material cores (bfrp-rebar) or aramid polymer material cores (afrp-rebar)

Glassfiber reinforced plastic bar
  Bazaltfiber reinforced plastic bar

with the diameter from 4 to 40 mm,length up to 12 meters ( it might be rolled in a coils) with the ribbed surface of a spiral shape.

The composite armature is intended for applying in concrete structures with the pre-stressed and non-stressed reinforcement instead of using the traditional steel armature.

The problems of steel corrosion are avoided with the use of FRPs because FRP materials are nonmetallic and noncorrosive. In addition, FRP materials exhibit several properties including high tensile strength, that make them suitable for the use as structural reinforcement. Furthermore, codes and design guide provisions have been recently prepared for the use of FRP bars in concrete structures for bridges and buildings (ACI 440H 2000; CSA 2000; ISIS-Canada 2000).